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A major transformation is needed to increase people's health, to avoid illnesses rather than to patch them, to preserve nature, to respect animal life, and to deliver quality food to a growing world population.


Clean Food For Clean People explains how different foods impact our body. It shows how we can make our “traditional” eating habits evolve toward healthy ones.

It explains a transformation in seven stages, which we can implement at our own pace. It includes easy cooking techniques with a variety of seasonings, which will allow us to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes during the journey.


Ultimately, it provides a unique formula for choosing our daily meals efficiently and knowledgeably.


Clean Food For Clean People includes practical tips on fitness, sleep, and body care.


It will guide us to gradually move toward a balanced nutrition pattern, which includes more and more fresh produce, and a solid lifestyle in the pursuit of total health, energy, beauty, performance, and sustainability.

"This book is such an incredible resource. It is packed with so much in depth information and common sense. I will be recommending this book to everyone. If you truly care about your health and want to live a vibrant life this book will show you how. Denisse knocked it out the park with this book. It is a must have!!"

~Elspeth Feldman (Author)

clean food for clean people
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